About Me

Michael J Falotico

Michael J Falotico is a lifetime resident of Eastchester, NY and shares his life adventures with his wife Rosanna. He is a published poet, artist and cookbook author. He is affectionately known as “Poet Mike”. His love of the arts stems from childhood and his passion for good food started from his Italian American upbringing and the many culinary delight he enjoyed growing up. He has written three poetry books; A Walk Through Time, A Road Still Driven and Reflections. He has also had his work featured in four other books of poetry; In My Lifetime, Who’s Who in American Poetry, Best Poets of 2015 and American Poet. Michael has now brought his creativity to the kitchen with his newly released cookbook featuring many simple Italian dishes, amply called The Poet’s Table. He is a self-taught poet who writes in a style all his own draws from his past and his present with equal passion.

Poet Mike has spent a great deal of time teaching himself the finer arts and takes inspiration from many sources. His most profound influences have come from the world or music as John Lennon and Chris Cornell have left lasting impacts on his heart and mind. He was fortunate enough to be included in a book of fan written tributes to Chris Cornell called “Thank You” in 2017 . With his combined passion for art, music, poetry, photography and cooking he is truly a multi-faceted creative talent who pursues his interests with genuine heart & soul. He has launched a website PoetMike.com where he has featured some of his favorite recipes, books for sale and art prints. He appears locally at various venues across Westchester County in NY to sign books and do speaking engagements.

The future looks bright and Poet Mike will be cooking, drawing, photographing, writing and inspiring for years to come. If you would like more information or are interested in an interview, speaking engagement or custom writing please contact Poet Mike – thepoetstable@yahoo.com